Onno Petersen cinematography and postproduction

pricing of development and scanning

scanning of 8mm per roll of 15m:
HD1920x1080: €20,00
2k 2048x1556: €27,00

scanning of 16mm per roll of 30m:
HD1920x1080: €35,00
2k 2048x1556: €45,00

An overscan is possible free of extra charge. Files will be delivered as ProRes(HQ) unless the client asks for another file type. All scanning is tailored to cusomer requirements, so if you want something different: feel free to ask.
Films can be dropped at the studio after an appointment is made, or send by mail or otherwise. Films can be picked up at the studio after the job is done, or sent to any address on clients charges.

B/W film and colour reversal (eg Kodak TriX or Ektachrome)
super 8 per 15m/50ft reel:
€47,50 developing incl. HD1920x1080 scan
€55,00 developing incl. 2k 2048x1556 scan
16mm per 30,5m/100ft reel:
€65,00 developing incl. HD1920x1080 scan
€75,00 developing incl. 2k 2048x1556 scan
As all developing services are tailored to customer requirements I charge €50 for prepping the darkroom and chemicals (per job, not per film).
Pricing is without 21% VAT

ECN2 (colour negative such as Vision) is currently only possible for expired material because the quality is not up to scratch. It is doable, but results may be unpredictable. It can be great though, but be prepared for some happy accidents.
Please contact me for the possibilities.

Disclaimer: We are dealing with very sensitive material, and the film developing is all done by hand. Despite a high level of professionality there is always the possibility of mishap in the material, the chemicals or the process. And like every other photo lab the guarantee in such an instant comprises the refund of an equal amount of new film.