Onno Petersen cinematography and postproduction

A number of recent projects:

• Stills from 8mm & 16mm film, both high res digital (12-30 megapixels) and analog baryta exhibition prints.
• Technical support setting up beamers and filmprojection for exhibitions:
Andriesse-Eyck gallery (2017), Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam (2016), Science Park Amsterdam (2016), Studio Omstand Arnhem (2016), Annet Gelink Gallery Amsterdam (2015), Club Solo Breda (2015), Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam (2013).
• Recording of theatre productions/performances, video and sound, as to provide a live experience feel to the viewer: Theatre show 'The Wall by Ulrike Quade Company (2016), Performance and CD launch Christa Míeras (2015) and a musical production at theatre festival De Parade (2015).
• Giving workshops and advice on location. DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, shooting super 8, technical support and advice.
• Realisation of ‘Home Sweet Home Movie Days’ with Simona Monizza and Bernard André, showing residents’ own home movies in retirement homes. We play a selection of films on a projector while we interview the makers about the content.
• Projection of 8 mm movies in the EYE Filmmuseum: Home Movie Day (yearly), The World Wide Orphans Symposium, and EYE on ART with Takahiko Limura (2014).
• Zwartjes Over de Vloer (Zwartjes in the house). A tribute to Frans Zwartjes for Musemstraat Amsterdam, in collaboration with EYE Filmmuseum and director Pieter Athmer (2015). Several beamers, monitors and a 16 mm release print playing seven different films in six locations in Pieter Athmer’s home – in the hallway, in the stairwell, in the bathroom, on the bed in the main bedroom, in the children’s room and in the living room. The event was attended by more than two hundred visitors and won the Audience Choice Award.