Onno Petersen cinematography and postproduction

A selection of finished projects:

Roos van Geffen: two films on 16mm. Camera, editing, postproduction

Nederlandse Filmacademie: yearly series of 16mm workshops for 3rd year camera students

Roosmarijn Pallandt: camera and postproduction for exhibition. 8 & 16mm camera, analog B/W slides from 8mm filmstills

Jasper Coppes: digital to 16mm analog film.

Anne Frank Huis: additional shots with a hand-cranked 35mm camera

Rijksacademie van beeldende kunsten: workshop 16mm camera

Zora Ottink: developing and solarizing 16mm film, building and installing a 16mm filmlooper  

Nederlands Instutuut voor Beeld en Geluid  / EYE Filmmuseum / Stadsarchief  Amsterdam / NVBS /Naturalis / Natuurmonumenten / Vogelwerkgroep Amsterdam: digitizing (some very old) archival 8 and 16mm films

Catharina Vergeer: super8 copying to new super8 film, installing and helping with 8mm filmloopers for final exam Rietveld Academie 

HALAL/CZAR/Kaap Holland Film/hazazaH/Jorrit Stollman/Mira Adoumier: development, support and scanning of super 8 and 16mm film

Aimée Zito Lema/EYE Filmmuseum: digitizing 8 and 16mm archival films followed by transfer of the digital 8, 16 and 35mm filmscans to new 16mm B/W film, development, support with tinting the films, scanning and general support for her Artist in Residency at EYE Filmmuseum

Bernhard André: analogue silver gelatine printing on Baryta paper from super 8 film

HALAL/Lotte van Raalte/ ARKET: colorgrading of different clips for a commercial

Kaapholland Film: rental of a super-8 camera with instructions and support, developing and 2.8k scanning of super-8 footage for an upcoming feature film

Stadsarchief Amsterdam: a large series of filmstills from 8 & 16mm film for an exhibition and accompanying book

Daniël Bouquet/VOGUE Nederland: developing and scanning of super-8 films

EYE Filmmuseum: special cleaning by hand of super-8 footage by Babeth van Loo

Nicoline Timmer: hand processing of 120 format color rollfilm and scanning of S8 film for an upcoming art project

Arnon Grunberg: 400ft of shots with my S16 Aaton filmcamera for his new website

Holy Fools: development and scanning of 8mm film for a commercial

AMC hospital Amsterdam: camera for short documentary, 16mm archival filmscanning

Stadsarchief Amsterdam: editing a compiliation of archival footage for an exhibition filmscreening

HALAL/ADCN/Johan Kramer: colorgrading 6 short 8mm films            

Nicoline Timmer: 2k 16mm filmscan, recently shot, art.

EYE filmmuseum: 8mm projection of archival footage

Andriesse/Eyck Gallery: installing digital projection for Rory Pilgrim

TOTEM Media/Red Bull: 2k scanning & development of super-8 footage for a commercial

Martine Stig: postproduction (colorgrading and technical assistance) of an art film

HALAL/ADCN/Johan Kramer: scanning of new 16mm footage

San Fransisco Silent Film Festival: digitization of 24 antique flipbooks (from 1896)

Wyatt Niehaus: colorgrading an art film

Anna Abrahams/rongwrong: scanning 16mm films

Annaleen Louwes: renting out and installing two super-8 filmloopers for an exhibition

Sverre Fredriksen: scanning of 8mm archival film

Charlotte Dumas/Andriesse-Eyck/Sieboldhuis Leiden: installation and production of digital projection for exhibition

Stadsarchief Amsterdam: scanning small gauge archival footage

HALAL/ADCN/Johan Kramer: colorgrading of 6 short films

Gabriël Lester: colorgrading short film(digital)

Collection De Groen, Arnhem: installing 4 digital projections with sound for exhibition Erik Wesselo

Kunstverein Heilbronn: installing the projection and connecting a YAMAHA Disklavier to a beamer for an exhibition

Erik Wesselo: postproduction of 4 films with sound for exhibition

Jasper Coppes: scanning of 16mm footage

Andriesse-Eyck gallery/Daragh Reeves: designing and fabrication of an one-frame-per-second 16mm filmprojector with looper

Michael Fleming: 4k framescans of 'treated' 35mm footage

Kunstverein Heilbronn/Charlotte Dumas/Andriesse-Eyck Gallery: installation of 3 (digital) film projections for exhibition

HALAL: filmscanning super-8 footage

Giovanni Giaretti: colorgrading, art film

Andriesse-Eyck Gallery: installation 16mm projection for Daragh Reeves

Olga Sedjerari: colorgrading music video

Michael Fleming: 4k framescans from 'treated' 35mm cine film

HALAL filmscans from 8mm footage

Nickel van Duijvenboden/P///AKT: filmed registration of exhibition (digital)

Jasper Coppes: shooting super16mm for two weeks in the inlands of Greenland

EYE filmmuseum: projecting super-8 film during the opening of an exhibition

NTR (Dutch Public Broadcaster): filmscanning of 8mm material for Andere Tijden Sport

Jeroen Glas: Digital footage to 16mm film as artwork for an exhibition

EYE filmmuseum: editing interview Joost Rekveld for ART-TUBE

Erik Wesselo: postproduction from start to deliverables.

T. Pruissen: ongoing digitization of 8mm footage for DVD productions of archival films

Nicoline Timmer: very special analog Baryta exhibition prints from super-8 footage. Limited edition artwork.
Ulrike Quade Company: 3-camera registration of theatreshow. Camera, sound, editing.

Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam: filmed impression/promo for exhibition

Erik Wesselo: postproduction

Michael Fleming: 4k framescans from 35mm 'treated' cinefilm

Omstand Arnhem: installing projection with 5.1 sound for exhibition

Erik Hijwege: postproduction film

Erik Wesselo: super16mm camera in NYC for several art films using my own Aaton

Sara Bjarland: digital camera, advise and postproduction for artwork (video)

Gwenneth Boelens: super16mm camera and postproduction for artfilm

HALAL/Eneco: super16mm camera for a nationwide commercial